Hi there! There are a variety of ways to contact us here at Boss Wave. Social media is always nice and simple of course, and we’re prepared to swear an oath of fealty to you and your family for one full generation for every “like” or “follow.” (Turns out it’s hard to enforce this legally speaking, so you know, maybe just hugs.)

If you’d like to drop a quick note to the podcast or have any comments or questions, feel free to use the handy contact form below or email directly to one of the email addresses further down. We will do our best to address them with a swift and ruthless efficiency.


Comments, concerns? Would you like to contribute in some way? Did we inherit something from a distant relative who happens to be royalty in Nigeria? Please use the following email address:

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If you’re one of those snazzy PR or Media types the “contact” email above probably works best. Or, if you’d like to contact an editor personally please feel free to do so.

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