ChrisFACEChris Williams – Host, Editor
The unquestioned sunshine of the Boss Wave team, Chris grew up in a sleepy Worcestershire village and remembers his father bringing home something called a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k. He got hooked on this whole games business somewhere around Manic Miner and has been grinning ear-to-ear ever since. He still lives in Worcester, UK with his wife, baby and Jeff and commutes an insane amount of hours for work. He’s a geologist by the way. Who even knew people actually did that? @chrismjw

RobinFACERobin Brown – Host, Master-of-the-web
A life long gamer, Robin Brown lives in Milton Keynes, UK with his wife, his dog and his excessively large movie and video game collection. He is an experienced Web Developer with a degree in Multimedia Design from the University of Huddersfield. Now a full on co-host, Robin doesn’t really know why he was approached to help out with the site in the fist place, or how Seth and Chris became aware that he could code websites. He is currently considering looking into the matter. @Verbalrob

Pilch Read – Host
Husband and father to 2 teenagers. A retired Essex firefighter and more recently gardener to the stars. Pilch started playing Video Games in early 90’s when the SNES hit the streets, then moved onto PlayStation and PS2. He finally saw the light and moved over to XBOX with the 360, despite Nintendo pulling at his heartstrings with 3DS, Wii and WiiU he is now firmly in the Microsoft camp. Devilishly handsome, hilariously funny but sadly thick as shit.

Boss Wave Emeritus

SethFINALSeth McNitt – Host, Editor-in-chief
Seth founded Boss Wave along with Chris in January 2013 and spent two great years at the helm before moving on due to professional time constraints. Seth has lots of pretentious pairs of glasses and has since spent time at Skyshine Games (Skyshine’s BEDLAM) as an Associate Producer and Public Relations Specialist before moving on to a marketing position in the craft beer industry. @MagicLozenge

Zach_FINALportraitZach Thornton – Host, Editor
Born and raised in Baltimore, Z Tizzle resides there still. In 2001 he graduated from MICA with a BFA in “painting and stuff” and has since shown his work all over the world. You can see his work here. He is also an avid musician (check out his Tigerseer project) and enjoys himself a good game of squash. Zach vividly remembers unwrapping a Legend of Zelda gold cartridge from under the tree. Obviously, there was no turning back.

Mark Fisher – Host
Welsh twat. @i11usive_man



Richard Nattrass – Host
Bald midget. @nattrass79



Ryan_GreenFINALRyan Schroeder – Contributing Editor
Ryan Schroeder lives in St. Paul, MN with his wife and two daughters. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with two degrees that he rarely uses except to say he has them (Check). He’s a Minnesota Timberwolves season ticket holder with an unhealthy obsession with Ricky Rubio. In high school track, Ryan trained by running to Seth’s house to play video games. Ryan is currently writing a series of children’s books as well as a detective novel.

*Staff portraits courtesy of the very talented Mr. Zach Thornton and the piss taker Robin Brown.

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